This is a tourblog started in June, 2009 for the band Son Volt.  It is maintained by Dave Bryson, drummer for the band.


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  1. princesselena22

    Just saw the James with the Pretenders 10x last month in Canada and on the East Coast and had an absolute blast watching James rock out! He is absolutely amazing! I am hoping to be able to check you guys out live soon! He must be so tired just getting off the road with the Pretenders. One question, though: Is he LEAVING the Pretenders, or just taking a break since they aren’t touring anymore (for now)? Hopefully, he has the best of both worlds and so do his fans!!! Hope to see him soon and meet all of you, too!
    -Elena Sileo 🙂
    P.S. Please send him our love and remind him that we were the idiots that found Nick his Marmite in Philly! 🙂 Thanks so much! 🙂

  2. ptourbaf


    Happy birthday and great show last night at the 9:30 club. Is it safe to assume that the band hit its stride last night compared to the first few shows of the tour? I was psyched you turned up the volume for the second half of the set and played a great mix of old and new. Good luck with the rest of the tour.

    • David Bryson

      Well, thank you. Last night’s was a good one but so was the after party so I’m not making any promises about our stride.

  3. stingme74

    Hey Dave – maybe not the forum to ask, but I saw you playing Peavey drums. Then I saw you playing my Yamaha set. Which do you prefer? Have never touched the Peaveys myself and am intrigued by their foray into percussion.
    Also-saw you mentioned an afterparty. Too bad you guys didn’t stick around for the super sexy dance party at the Vogue in Indy this summer. haha, what a freaking joke. See you there front row everytime. Marvelous as usual. Keep the posts coming…

  4. parishchristopher

    Hey Dave,

    Nice work, enjoyed you guys at the Vic a few weeks back and caught Jay and Ben at Lincoln Hall. See you down the road. Stop by my site if you get a chance. Thanks! Chris

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