Bend to the End

Loyal readers, I apologize for the unsatisfactory updates for this past week.  Since this was our last batch of shows for the foreseeable future I decided to occupy my free time doing other stuff.  And now I’m headed out on a 6 week trip sans computer.  So, I guess this is it.  Thanks for coming to the shows, checking in here, etc.  I’ll start this back up when I have some news.  For now, Happy Holidays, Happy New Year and hope to see you later…..



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8 responses to “Bend to the End

  1. Can I take this solidarity band-aid off my nose now?

    You’ll be missed!

  2. jackerofonasis for some LA Son Volt action… pis and a vid. Dave feel free to use at will… thanks for the great show

  3. barstowca

    The tour and your blog have been great the past few months. Thanks.

    Enjoy your trip and the holidays.
    Happy New Year!

  4. bmille9

    Take it easy Dave – thanks for your updates, humor and insight to the happenings. Relax and take it easy. As well thanks for the fantastic shows in SFO and SCRUZ. Adios.

  5. ccsbandwagon

    Please have this time away be very temporary. This is the best I’ve seen the band in so many years. Enjoy the time off.

  6. tizianotoniutti


    Where and when? I’ve got to ask for my holidays if you’re far from Rome!

  7. tizianotoniutti

    Oh and if you come to Rome, can i open the show? 😀

    • David Bryson

      Don’t think we’re coming to Rome, unfortunately.

      A couple of us are staying an extra week. Can you recommend some places to hit up along the coast and maybe some places to stay?

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