I don’t know how we’ll fit this in the van



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3 responses to “I don’t know how we’ll fit this in the van

  1. gmidd

    I hope you boys enjoyed the Boston-in-winter clime at the Fillmore this week. You guys played a great show. Dave, I’m the guy who said hello to you as you were entering the curtained area that leads backstage. I was a bit disappointed with the sound at first, but — in true Son Volt fashion — the second part of the show was rippin’ hot. I especially liked seeing how you guys really seemed to be enjoying each other’s chops. Mark seemed particularly happy about your high hat work at the conclusion of the opening song. I couldn’t hear much of James’ guitar at first but as the show progressed it was clear why Jay brought him in — Great stuff!! Hearing Jay let loose during Medication was outstanding… he hardly ever takes a lead but when he does he puts it all out there. Great to watch Andy’s bass work while he surveys the crowd, too… he is just on it with you. One of the best SV shows I’ve seen. Thank for paying us a visit again!

  2. 3horses

    Hey Dave: What gives-you left off the 9th in San Francisco. Where it had to be at least 35 degrees. Inside the Fillmore. I couldn’t feel my feet. We enjoyed the show though-awesome. Thanks for toughing it out.

  3. beanbowler

    I hope you’re able to use the giant uke for the rest of the tour! Excellent show at the Rio Thursday. You guys are always great, but that show was particularly energized. Odd venue with lots of people sitting in the comfy seats in the back, but it sounded great. Looking forward to the next time you’re here.

    Colfax, CA

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