Memphis, Birmingham, Athens, Greenville, Chattanooga

The last five shows weren’t too eventful.  Some were better than others.  The turn out at Minglewood Hall in Memphis was a lot better than expected and the club is a major improvement over Newby’s or the Young Avenue Deli.  We could have done without the drunk jerk standing right in front of Jay complaining that he couldn’t hear the vocals.  Jason had to give him a little business when he attempted to turn Jay’s monitors around.   Dude responded by giving Jason the bird and playing dumb.  Security?

As for Birmingham, I don’t think anyone cares to play the Workplay Theater anymore.  I’ve never been a fan of the sterile PBS Jazz Brunch vibe and it’s always been hard to get past that.  Unlike the past two times that we’ve played the Workplay, this was not a Sunday which meant The Fish Market was open.  James and I both had oysters on the half shell followed by jambalaya for him and Athenian red snapper for me.

While it’s a pity that the Georgia Theater in Athens burned down I was definitely glad to be at the 40 Watt Club.  Everyone there is super nice, sound is pretty decent and there is no lack of atmosphere.  We went on relatively late for us, 11:15, and judging by some of the YouTube clips we delivered a late-night (sloppy-good) set.  At least I did.  Thank the lord I decided not to return for the second encore with no shirt and leather jacket.  I knew that wouldn’t go over.

A late set time in Athens made for a late night and we were all pretty tired the following day.

To be honest, I didn’t have high hopes for Greenville but the Handlebar turned out to be the surprise hit of the last week.  Aside from the crappy chicken wings (it’s really the best option on the menu) we had a great night.  Good crowd, good energy, and a free bottle of Bushmill’s.  Priceless.

Then there was Chattanooga.  Again, some way too intoxicated folks kinda ruined the show.  But what can you expect at the Rhythm and Brews.  Basically, 2 loaded couples standing front and center hooted and hollered and blew smoke in Jay’s face all night.  One of the, uh, ladies repeatedly fell on stage, got on stage and really needed a belt.  I’m surprised she lasted the whole set.  Kind of an anti-climactic ending but that’s usually how it works.



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3 responses to “Memphis, Birmingham, Athens, Greenville, Chattanooga

  1. deltamud

    Hey Dave, despite the two couples blowing smoke and violating Jay’s personal space — (and gee, I wonder why Jay didn’t agree to their demands to play Chickamauga) — the band sounded great and the show was a good one. I’ve seen good shows there, and I like chattanooga, but you need a better venue next time through east tennessee/western northcarolina.

    Thanks again for a great tour — I was able to catch two shows this year and both rocked. Take care & happy holidays.

  2. cole2010

    I had a great time at the memphis show.
    I had a wierd array of buddies with me. I had my bluegrass pickin buddy,Ben with me. I also bought my blues harp playing friend Dan, who also is a Presbyterian minister. The funny thing is that the picker didn’t drink, but me and the Pastor managed to knock quite a few back.

    Great show guys. Son Volt was on the top of my must see list and It was worth it. I’m so glad you played alot of the album, because I’m really feeling it. thanks

  3. photo71

    The Memphis show at Minglewood was fantastic. You have a big following in Memphis, so don’t let a random drunk dude who apparently can’t hear well keep you from being a regular visitor here. Love the new album.

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