We removed the portion of Mark’s brain that causes him to sing the Hot Pockets jingle.



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3 responses to “Pre-Lobotomy

  1. tadwright

    Great show at the Variety Playhouse in Sept – and we’re driving to Athens for the show at the 40 watt tonight. Maybe Jay will wait for James to change gitfiddles between songs tonight. The 40 watt, I mean really, what a great place to see you guys.

    Now I know it’s a long shot but how about a little Sandusky tonight? That would be perfect – Sandusky – at the 40 watt – in the town where it was originally recorded. So what if it was a different band? The only way to (possibly) improve it would be to have Peter Buck on Mandolin.

    If Sandusky is a stretch – may we please hear any of the following
    Catching On
    Cemetary Savior
    Question or
    Driving the view

    To continue my unbridled officiousness –
    Saw you guys at the Porter in Atlanta before the show in Sept. You should give the National a try tonight. That spot is de-luxe.

  2. schaefer84105

    looks like you accidentally took out the part of his brain in charge of “shaving”.

  3. amanda

    thanks again for the bad case of the cloud nines in athens. cheers to you all on your last night of this leg in chattanooga.

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