A good night’s sleep and an easy ride from San Antonio to Austin made for a pleasant day.  We certainly needed our rest since we went on at 11pm which is late as hell for a bunch of old dudes with sleeping disorders.  Antone’s, “Home of the Blues”, is an alright place to play.  Having only cursory knowledge of the blues, I never realized how short all those cats are:

Peter Bruntell’s set gets better every night.

Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit killed it as they’re known to do and we had a blast catching up into the wee hours of the morning.

Our late night offering was good, blah, blah, etc.  But, “Romeo” Duplantis stole the show by proposing to Sara after we left the stage.  Congratulations Andrew and Sara!  Here’s a photo thanks to Devonie:

Sunday was a day off and we dilly-dallied our way to Oklahoma stopping at The Style Station for boots and shirts.

Then, we hit Willie’s Place, Willie Nelson’s honky-tonk truck stop where you can buy all things Willie.



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3 responses to “Austin

  1. barstowca

    First–Congratulations to Andrew!

    All the honky tonky-ing and styling looks like a lot of fun.

    I have been to a few (well a lot) of shows this tour and you guys are playing so great. Have there been thoughts of another live CD? I think most of us would love one for the collection. So much great new music.

    Think about it….

    Very much enjoyed Peter Bruntell in St. Louis, great when James joined him.

  2. gmidd

    Nice to see you boys still rockin’ the J.C. Fogerty vintage 70’s look. A few pairs of Acme boots all around and you’re ready to blaze through a smokin’ white hot cover of Fortunate Son!

  3. deltamud

    Congrats to Andrew and Sara, very cool.

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