Floore’s Country Store is a cool honkytonk roadhouse just outside of San Antonio.  I don’t think many of these places exist anymore so it’s a unique gig.  Although a thinner crowd than last time we played here (something about Friday night football) we still had an OK time.  There’s too many weird variables going on (boots and hats hanging from the ceiling, fence around the stage, christmas lights, stage sound reminiscent of my parents basement) that you really need a rowdy crowd for it to make sense.  As I mentioned before, James, Andrew and I have been backing up Peter Bruntnell 4 tunes including a cover of The Smiths, “Reel Around the Fountain”.  It’s probably safe to say that was the first time in the 50 year history of Floore’s that a Smiths song was played.


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  1. gmidd

    Wow, it’d be great to see you guys in a place like that! Probably sucks acoustically, but you can’t beat the small club intimacy of the place. By the way, the great Patrick Swazye high camp flick ‘Roadhouse’ was on a few nights ago with the late Jeff Healey guesting as the house band talent — Why do I mention this? Good question… I dunno. Just seemed to fit.

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