Catching up

Alright, it’s been awhile since I’ve been able to post due to the usual reasons (no internet, no time, laziness).  So, where to begin?

First off, I’d like to congratulate Devonie for winning the photo caption contest. This might seem a bit unfair since it was her idea in the first place but overall she was the best.  Whiskey bottle reference (while the request gets old, the joke doesn’t), a poem, Creston name drop, etc.  She gets it.  Now I just need to find a good prize.

The show at the Pageant in St. Louis was awesome which is something I rarely say.  Probably our best St. Louis show since I’ve been with the band.  Another thing I rarely say is that I had some great pizza in St Louis.  Across the street from the club is a new joint called Pie and they know what they’re doing.  Apparently, Obama caused a stink when he said it was his favorite deep dish pizza.

Oxford was so-so.  Ole Miss was playing a football game that night that pretty much trumped everything else.  Our little gig was just a side show.  Still, it wasn’t as bad as the time Jay Farrar and Canyon were playing Boston during game 6 of the playoffs.  If you’ve ever been to Boston you’ll know that EVERYONE is a Red Sox freak and even rock clubs have to have the game on TV.  It’s maddening.  That night we had to push the show back about 3 hours to play for 15 people.  Sports.  Ugh.

Having spent Mardi Gras in Lafayette last year I was really hoping for a blast.  Like this:

IMG_0013Our show was almost that fun.  James, Andrew and I joined Peter Bruntnell for the last 4 songs of his set and I think we’ll continue to do that so come early.  The next day we hit the Old Time Grocery for po’ boys and headed for New Orleans.  Hurricane Ida had been threatening to strike all week but thankfully it headed east and didn’t do much more than bring some strong winds and a bit of rain.  It certainly didn’t get in the way of our man-vacation:

IMG_0713IMG_0712We had Monday off and since Pete and Steve

IMG_0718had never been to New Orleans we had to do the Bourbon St walk, hurricanes, and all that.  Necessary but not fun.  On Tuesday, Steve, James, and myself had a lovely lunch at Cochon.  I ordered the boucherie plate and the oyster roast.  James had the oyster sandwich with fried alligator as did Steve.  The Parish at the House of Blues, um, sucks.  Perhaps that’s a bit harsh but come on!

2It would be one thing if the staff was rude and competent but we had to push opening the doors back due to endless issues with the sound system.  Regardless, the show was decent and we hung out afterwards with Son Volt’s old guitar tech, DeWitt Burton, who was in town with REM.  Good times.

Houston’s Continental Club never fails to disappoint and Wednesday was no different.  Everyone is always very appreciative since it seems that lots of bands skip over Houston these days.  While there, James discovered his love of shuffle board:

IMG_0720So now we’re in Dallas where we haven’t played in 4 years or so and all signs point to a good gig.  We’ll see……..



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12 responses to “Catching up

  1. redjacketmine

    Glad to hear the tour is going well. Very excited for the Seattle show at Neumos!


  2. Loved you guys in Lafayette. I’m a St. Louis transplant down here and it was quite nice to reminisce, and enjoy the new stuff. Grand work fellas! You are more than welcome back anytime.

  3. lokeydm

    Great show last night here in Dallas! I was wondering what the song was right before “Are You Sure Hank….” was? I couldn’t really hear Jay’s intro from my spot but the tune rocked. Oh and I’m only somewhat disappointed my Tweedy fucking himself caption didn’t win the contest. Maybe next year. Tell Mark I’ll be on the lookout for those Blood Oranges dates, even if it means flying to the northeast. I need some time away from my kids anyway.

    Dennis A. Lokey
    Flower Mound, TX

  4. Great show last night in Dallas. Tons of energy. You really need to get back here more often.
    Best of luck on the rest of the tour.

  5. How’s THIS for a winnings-request: I will be able to go to Antone’s on Saturday, however I do not have a ticket! I am going to check the website and see if there are tickets available, but I had heard rumors that it was sold out. I will verify.

  6. Well Dev should win but you guys should have given her some kind of prize long ago just because of what a huge fan she is and the use of her photos and everything she’s done to support Jay and SV. Congrats Dev!

    • aww, thanks, but as long as they keep making music and touring, I’m set on any kind of prize.
      It’s a mutually beneficial relationship, and I have long been getting the better end of the deal. No complaints from the cheer squad.

      \m/ whoo hoo! \m/

  7. tupeloson

    Devonie won??!! Man, what a jip…. 🙂

    Seriously, I can think of none more worthy.

  8. deltamud

    Oh sure, just because she thought of the idea and had all the best captions, not to mention the cutest picture. I’d say other than those three things right there, I was the obvious choice….

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