Last Night

Good show in Columbia last night.  Surprisingly not as rusty as I imagined.  Or maybe it’s not a surprise.  I don’t know.  Either way I had fun and I think the rest of the boys did as well.  Peter Bruntnell’s set was great and I think we’re going to have some fun on this tour.  GetAttachment-1.aspx



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4 responses to “Last Night

  1. Posing with the new line of Son Volt action figures. With kung fu grip bottle drinking and super soaker diaper filling action! Get yours today!

  2. schaefer84105

    Short on groupies once again, the Son Volt team is forced to improvise.

  3. stingme74

    Too bad the caption contest is over…huh,huh…

  4. Just because the girls SAY they’re 18 doesn’t make it so. You’ve been warned.

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