Off to Columbia

Getting ready to head off to our first show in Columbia, MO.  Not too much has been happening around Son Volt HQ the past couple of days.  Everyone is tired cause we’re old as hell.  Well, except for James but he has jet lag.  We did manage to run the set once and everything seems in order.  And we discovered some decent tacos.GetAttachment.aspx



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8 responses to “Off to Columbia

  1. dogtowner

    Hi Dave-

    I thought you’d like to know that Jeff Ament from Pearl Jam is going to give you a run for your money as a skateboarding musician- check the link. Ha Ha. I’ve never been a fan but he does like to ride.

    …He comes to Portland to skate and we recently checked out his “estate” and private bowl in Montana and took these pics. Anyway, looking forward to SVs return to the Northwest in December to say the least.

    Portland, Oregon

  2. deltamud

    Hey Dave, is Jay putting any of the Jack songs into the SV set? Inquiring minds and all…

  3. crimination

    Realize this is unrelated, but…Is anyone else experiencing phpBB error instead of message board? What’s up with the debug mode–ain’t it debugged yet?

    • unchartedthickets

      you’re not tripping or at least you’re not tripping alone. i get the same message. it’s weird but I’m not frightened for myself….it’s the chronic posters that might be having problems. i hope everyone’s ok. hang in there and it’ll be allright.

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