Contest Over

I won’t be posting anymore photos but feel free to continue to comment for the next couple of days.  I’ll announce a winner sometime this week after I consult with Son Volt Corporate and figure out what the hell the prize will be.  Good job y’all.



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7 responses to “Contest Over

  1. bmille9

    Not the right place for this question but I am in need of some info. Will SV be playing 08 Dec 09? I was hoping for Mcnears Mystic in Petaluma, CA. Any info would be super appreciated. It’s a special night for my wife. Thanks in advance.

    • David Bryson

      I haven’t heard a word. Seeing as we’re playing Bend, Oregon on the 7th and it’s about a 8-10 hour drive to S.F. from there, I highly doubt it. Also, we’re playing Santa Cruz on the 10th and I’m guessing that a show in Petaluma would be one too many shows in the area. But like I said, I haven’t heard anything. Hope it’s still a special night for your wife!

      • bmille9

        Thanks Dave: Appreciate the info. Looks like we’re taking a road trip to SFO and SCRUZ. Wifey and I are your biggest fans (sure you never heard that before). Stop through Sebastopol on the way to SFO and I’ll buy ya’ll a brew. Bruce

  2. schaefer84105

    Suggested prize for the caption contest: Winner gets to play drums at the Son Volt show of his or her choice.

    • David Bryson

      Not bad. But it would have to be my choice.

      • schaefer84105

        That’s a deal.

        Let the contest winner hold down the drum kit on “Down to the Wire,” and you can play your bongos after all.

        Or you could just sit in the crowd and heckle.

  3. schaefer84105

    Or… the winner could get Mark Spencer’s awesome brown jacket.

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