Photo Caption Contest




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16 responses to “Photo Caption Contest

  1. Stuart Raymond

    Zen and the Art of Beer Drinking.

  2. creekwader1

    Western sun meets the air.

  3. rustedrobot

    Wow, New York City looks amazing when you’re on acid

  4. stingme74

    Hey, Andrew – aren’t you gonna finish your beer? Huh, huh, huh.

  5. arambler8

    Oh c’mon, you know you want it.

  6. ♪ ♫ And it ain’t about chivalry, but dope lyrics and delivery
    It’s about my persona – ain’t nothing like a man that do what he wanna
    Ain’t nothing like man that you knew on the corna
    See ’em come up and fuck up the owna
    See ’em throw up Westside California
    Suckas I’m hot like Phoenix, Arizona
    I’m Utah, I got multiple bitches
    It’s a new law now, keep a hold of yo riches
    Dumb sucka don’t spend it as soon as you
    get it
    Reco’nize I’m a captain and you a Lieutenant ♪ ♫

    Where my gangstas at?

  7. Smiles

    I wonder how many Tootsie Rolls it would take to fill Lake Michigan…

  8. deltamud

    american bad ass.

  9. tupeloson

    “Peace your looking for, peace you will find….”

  10. schaefer84105

    Black really is the new black.

  11. December… can’t wait to play in San Francisco again.

  12. 3horses

    Dave-where was this picture of Jay taken? Just curious.

  13. 3horses

    I’m assuming the Columbia River Gorge then. We saw Jay’s show in San Francisco with Ben near the end of October and it was great. Jay was super, and so was Mark. The band sounded really tight. We’re planning on driving back down to see you guys (Son Volt) in December.

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