Photo Caption Contest




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13 responses to “Photo Caption Contest

  1. After implementing a rigorous fitness training program and mandatory decorative scarf, Dave is ready to embark on his side-project as a male model with the Abercrombie & Fitch Fall Home Depot campaign.

  2. Bill Bonanzinga

    ” It wasn’t til Nacogdoches, that Billy Gibbons realized his beloved hat was missing”

  3. Stuart Raymond

    “This is what I do part time for extra cash, hold tools in this belt for carpenters.”

  4. antelope850

    Those damn bed bugs better not mess with me tonight.

  5. deltamud

    Dave, a huge fan of Home Improvement back in the day, wonders if his “Al Borland” outfit is too dated for Halloween….

  6. jeffc177

    Does this belt make my ass look fat?

  7. hoffmanj


  8. Michael

    “Can Dave fix it?”
    “YES HE CAN!”

  9. stingme74

    Just g’on ahead…draw mister.

  10. Smiles

    So, which one of you Lovely Ladies is the Bride-to-be? Walt, stop taking pictures and hit play on the Damn Jam Box!!

  11. tupeloson

    “If I had a hammer, I’d hammer all over this land….”

  12. schaefer84105

    Ev’r so often a man just has to drive a screw.

  13. Dammit y’all, I’m tellin’ you, I don’t need a drum tech. I can do the repairs myself!”

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