Photo Caption Contest

Dig this.  First off, thanks to all you cats for keeping the photo contest real up tight.  Cool.  It’s gonna be hard to pick a numero uno.  Keep at it.  But check this, I’m hopping a box car down to NYC this week for a little business and to take in the 2-man beatnik revival gig going down at Webster Hall.  Rumor has it that Jay even grew a goatee for the occasion.  I hope to keep the photos coming daily but I might not be updating the comments as often.  As long as people are still digging it, I’ll keep the contest going until I ramble on to St. Louis on the 3rd. 




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7 responses to “Photo Caption Contest

  1. arambler8

    “The truth is it was all done with smoke and mirrors.”

  2. schaefer84105

    Give me that awesome hat.

  3. debschmitt

    “Break on through to the other side.”

  4. deltamud

    What I’d give for that hat to be medicine.

  5. Stuart Raymond

    “This place is hip, even the walls are giving out high 5’s”

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