Photo Caption Contest




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13 responses to “Photo Caption Contest

  1. lokeydm

    “…and then I told Tweedy to go fuck himself…”

  2. “Do you think Creston can turn these Adirondack chairs into a pair of comfortable, ergonomic electric guitars made of kiln-dried Asian fir with retractable ottomans? Shitchyeah, he can.”

  3. Stuart Raymond

    “Yeah, 20 times it’s weight in liquid, I’m telling ya, the Shamwow is amazing.”

  4. antelope850

    “Did I ever tell you I wrote Tear Stained Eye on the john?”

  5. biggaydragon

    “No dammit! I will not take that pink beach cruiser for a spin around the block.”

  6. A scene from the movie Alt-Country Clerks:
    Jay and Silent Bob hard at work at the Quick Stop Mini Mart .

  7. arambler8

    “Wake me up for soundcheck.” “Who’s opening tonight, us or them?”

  8. tdunc

    “Yeah, it was like Snowbird Mountain, ‘cept this time our fuel pump shot crap in Indy. So, we’re holed up in this little tavern and Brian drops all his money in the Rock-Ola, playing “a little ditty bout Jack and Diane” …”

  9. schaefer84105

    Since when do you wear your sea captain jacket on dry land?

  10. deltamud

    You’re a good musician. But that is one ugly jacket.

  11. stingme74

    Did you try the dip? Man, if somone even mentions the word “taco,” again, well, they’ll be in for a surprise…

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