Photo Caption Contest




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15 responses to “Photo Caption Contest

  1. xo23

    “I can see for miles and miles with these BlueBlockers their amazing!”

  2. debschmitt

    With the wind in his hair and a salty mist on his face, Mark knew he’d made the right choice to follow his dream and become a lumberjack pirate.

  3. 11characters

    I don’t take to the seas often, but when I do, I stay safe by fastening myselft to some sturdy PVC pipe.

  4. Stuart Raymond

    “Act natural, there is a boat of groupies right behind us.”

  5. mdrow

    Then blow, ye winds and blow and a roving I will go…

  6. 4gehrig

    ” i would have stuck to only one bran muffin this morning, if i’d known there was no restroom on the boat.”

  7. Mark of the Sea
    A poem.

    when not performing or on parade
    was forced (holding no rod or line)
    to fish aft, with a hand grenade

  8. So Mr. Bond, we meet again. Ah Ha Ha Ha!

  9. tupeloson

    “Don Farraro, the band now sleeps with the fishes……this was the correct move.”

  10. Bill Bonanzinga

    “That my face is not on Mt. Rushmore is something I will never understand”

  11. Hello Dave,
    Thanks for giving your fans a way to keep in touch. I have seen Son Volt 3 times and Jay Farrar once when he was rolling through the acoustic venues w/ Mark in the early 2000’s. I saw your performance at Majestic in Detroit Sept. 24, 2009. Really love the music!! Met Jay and Mark after the show but unfortunately was a little more intoxicated then I intended and couldn’t hold any intelligent conversation, still bumming about that. Please send my apologies to Jay and Mark. I was the bald guy waiting for them at the end of the night. They were both very gracious as usual. Hope to see you again and I hope it’s real soon. The band sounds really good. Keep on rockin’. I have some pics from the show I will upload on my blog or here if I figure it out. Thanks again for your entertainment.
    Starving artist,
    John P. Waling

  12. biggaydragon

    “Short boat ride, my ass.”

  13. megaballs1

    Look out, Mama, there’s a white boat comin’ up the river
    With a big red beacon, and a flag, and a man on the rail
    Powderfinger, the video

  14. schaefer84105

    I don’t think Hank done it on a freakin’ boat.

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