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  1. jgvolt

    Disbelief as Mark shows off his Halloween costume Paul Stanley’s “Starchild” of KISS.

  2. “What do you MEAN you aren’t going to play Whiskey Bottle?!”

  3. antelope850

    What do you mean Sera Cahoone ate all of Saratoga Jay’s sushi?

  4. 11characters

    Let me get this straight – we spent all this time and money to make a music video and MTV doesn’t even play them anymore !?!

  5. Stuart Raymond

    “That’s the ending of the movie ‘The Crying Game?'”

  6. tupeloson

    “Farrar can’t believe it, Andy Kaufman is alive!”

  7. andieo

    Fuckin’ Walbourne and the Showtunes..

    (Don’t listen to them fellas. Keep um coming!)

  8. arambler8

    “My turn to wash the windshield AGAIN?”

  9. 4gehrig

    “i can not believe jeff tweedy is wearing a nudie suit!”

  10. Jay amazes everyone when he does his Carnac the Magnificent impersonation.

  11. schaefer84105

    Dave left his drum kit in Cincinnati? Again?

  12. deltamud

    “And the grammy goes to…wilco (the album)….”

  13. stingme74

    An exasperated Jay Farrar calls and end to the audition, citing a “lack of any more recording tape.”

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