Photo Caption Contest

At Devonie’s suggestion, I’m starting a photo caption contest.  There will only be one winner for all the photos and that winner will get something cool.  The previous few photos are up for grabs.  Contest ends in a couple of weeks.  Go nuts.




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25 responses to “Photo Caption Contest

  1. Stuart Raymond

    “Mother warned me about becoming a rock star.”

  2. paulboylan

    I am tempted to enter this contest.

  3. “the Pringles? Nope, not mine – I’m just holding them for a friend.”

    Stubbs Strips serve as the hometown methadone required to help ease Andrew’s Pringles addiction. He’s trying to stop, but sometimes he’s just gotta to pop.

  4. arambler8

    “Living on solvents and ashes”

  5. cinmcc

    I seem to recall telling Jay I wanted fries with this.

  6. I’m transfixed by the mannequin looking fingers that are holding the bag.

  7. andieo

    (I think I hit the wrong button..I’ll give it another go in the good name of On The Road carb avoidance for the dieting musician at large)

    “Fuckin Atkins”!

    (Please note: Andrew looks very trim. Nothing Personal)

  8. schaefer84105

    Of all meats, beef is the most rock ‘n roll, don’t you think?

    (And yes, I’m desperate to win a prize.)

  9. jgvolt

    Its a steady diet of Stubbs Beef Brisket Strips containing 2 carbs per serving as Andrew tries to shed off that last pesky 10 pounds to get down to his ideal weight of a svelte 120.

  10. paulboylan

    “Death to America” is the only caption that really appeals to me. Sorry.

  11. debschmitt

    Stubb’s ingenious viral marketing campaign takes shape

  12. crestonelectric

    Presumably, that Pringles can has the ol’ “popcorn bag hole” cut in the bottom. The brisket is simply bait for unsuspecting / carnivorous / carbohydrate-willing bandmates. That’s an observation, not a caption. Carry on.

  13. antelope850

    One thing seemed certain … Andrew would never be asked to serve as entertainment chairman again.

  14. tupeloson

    “There is a reason all the strippers in Austin adore me. I always show up at the club with plenty of money(the type that folds), and…I always bring my hotties plenty of Stubb’s World Famous Beef Brisket Strips. Try a bag today!”

  15. paulboylan

    I’m no fun? If the photo you chose didn’t virtually demand a “death to america” caption, then I might have been the source of just a teeny bit more fun, eh?

    • David Bryson

      Your right, that was irresponsible of me to post that photo. I’ll try to keep rampant consumerism and snacking out of this contest. Please buy our records on Sony and Rounder Records. Thank you.

  16. Bill Bonanzinga

    “Brisket Strips and weed – Vote Andrew Duplantis (D, WF, I) on Nov. 6”

  17. stingme74

    Four years later, (and an apology to Dave for the theft allegation) Andrew is delighted to be reunited with his lost bag of Stubb’s. Found wedged in the seat, and still delicious, it’s as if they never parted.

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