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  1. debschmitt

    Nice hats, are you guys in a club or something?

  2. Son Volt’s Captain Morgan Rum Commercial.

  3. schaefer84105

    M is for… merch? How are we going to sell this crap?

  4. jgvolt

    Andrew is disgusted that the red overalls haven’t arrived yet for their 3 member Super Mario Brothers fan club.

  5. “If we ever get an opportunity to take a band-photo with the actual existing lineup, I think I’ll pose like this… What about you guys? We should find a good brick wall to stand in front of and practice, for real.”

  6. tupeloson


  7. stingme74

    Tonight’s show is brought to you by Stubb’s Beef Jerky, Beck’s beer, and the letter “M,” – not just the thirteenth letter of the alphabet anymore.

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