Great ending to what was a pretty smooth tour.  Detroit was better than last time we played there if I remember correctly.  All I recall from 2005 was a very cold cement club and a so-so crowd.  Decent crowd this time and we played just fine.  Following the show, Mark, Jason, James and myself broke rule number one and went to a house party.  We piled into our host’s mini-van which I think was used to haul dogs around cause the seats had been replaced by particle board.  Well, it was either dogs or firewood (or both) since there were wood chips everywhere.  When we got to dude’s house we realized that we were the party and we quickly called a cab.  The cab arrived just in time for us to see the bonfire being built in the backyard.  You have to love an urban bonfire.

Chicago was intimate.   The crowd was a little lighter than last time but that didn’t bother us.  What was most memorable was the woman who jumped on stage between songs during our encore.  This has NEVER happened to my knowledge and our security team, Jason, was baffled at how to get this woman off the stage so we could be done with our 29 songs.  Apparently she told Jay she wanted to meet the biggest Son Volt fan who we assume is her husband. He politely declined and she got down.  Since we hardly ever hang out with women, we promptly melted with embarrassment.


This was our first time visiting the Pabst Theater in Milwaukee and we were quite impressed.  Of course, when we walked in and saw the seated theater we groaned imagining that it would be a snooze of a show.  Boy were we wrong.  The people were on their feet and ready to get down, or something.  Awesome show.  What made our experience even better was the super cool backstage area.  Downstairs is spacious with lots of comfortable chairs/couches, a stereo stocked with pretty good vinyl, and a bunch of games (foosball, Galaga, Centipede, Operation, etc.).

IMG_0678IMG_0679Also, we must give thanks to the caterer for the delicious pulled pork, catfish, mashed potato, rice and bean feast.

I have very little to report about Minneapolis except that it was a great last show of the tour.  Oftentimes, the end of tour can be anticlimactic and although we didn’t tear it up after the gig, I think we were satisfied and ready to go home.



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  1. arambler8

    I thought you all looked a little melted (or blurry?) Sunday night in Minneapolis. Seriously, terrific show. Of all the Son Volt shows I’ve seen in the past 2 years (now I’m melting with embarrassment), the First Avenue was my fave. It’s just so cool to see you guys play on my home turf. I hope we were a good audience for you. And again so cool to hear the Doug Sahm song. I hope you keep the blog going–it’s very entertaining.



  2. nomoreparades

    Well, if your memories of Milwaukee include Rock ’em Rock ’em Robots, Alterra coffee (Lucinda got a box of that stuff earlier in the week. Something could probably be arranged next time for you guys if you would like), and a crowd of fans holding PBR tall boys transcending the limits of a (beautiful) sit-down theater, then I am a proud Milwaukeean who was thrilled to be part of that experience. You and your bandmates do good work. Come back soon!

  3. gmidd

    It took me a while, but I finally hit on the most compelling thing about your blog, Dave — It annihilates the commonly held misconceptions of touring in a rock ‘n roll band. It brings the whole experience into the realm of a punch-the-clock-blue-collar-grind thing and — in many ways — might possibly make many of us feel a whole heck of a lot better about our chosen (or forced upon us) professions. It’s rock ‘n roll stripped down to its core — no wanton women, zany madcap parties, or crazy post show antics. Gone are the glorious days of groupies, sharks and epic all-nighters ending with Nick Nolte-like mug shots. It’s set ’em up, play ’em loud, pack ’em up and head outta town. I always figured that most of that stuff was just press-agent inspired mythological hoo-hah — “We know the band can’t play any of their stuff live, but — my god — can these boys party!” Well, you boys may not party like a 70’s British metal band, but you sure as hell can play! And if whatever you’re doing is contributing to that, keep it up! Long live punch the clock rock! — Glen

    • David Bryson

      Hey! We party! I just don’t normally have my camera late at night and when I try to recount the stories the next day they’re usually are boring, embarrassing or don’t translate. This ain’t no 9 to 5.

  4. gmidd

    As long as you know I’m just having fun, Dave; nevertheless, bring the camera along after a gig or two — a couple of action shots (or a mug shot) could very well cement your place as a rock ‘n roll legend!

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