Saturday began with me sleeping 45 minutes past lobby call.  Sleeping in for me is such a rarity that I was overcome with far more elation than guilt much to the chagrin of my bandmates.  I was really “pushing it” when I walked straight out of the hotel and into Corner Bakery bypassing the van.  They have a pretty decent bacon, egg and cheese croissantwich called The Commuter at the Corner Bakery.  After a quick apology we hopped in the van and were off to Charlotte.  Along the way, James and Jay had their minds blown by James’ new investment:IMG_0599

We arrived at the Visulite and everyone was in great spirits.  Soundcheck was fun, I drank some coffee and ate enchiladas.  The stars must have been aligned, I thought, cause we even managed to score some chicks:

IMG_0603We hit the stage, played the hits and got the crowd, uh, moving.  I would say dancing but a few men were doing something entirely different.  Let’s call it interpretive.  While we were feeling all cool under the lights with hip sounds swirling around us Jason was feeling something entirely different backstage.  Remember Jason?

IMG_0343Unlike us, the stars were crossed for Jason backstage as he had a little accident with James’ guitar:

IMG_0607James wasn’t thrilled:

IMG_0608A bummer indeed but with the help of Mark and a song from his youth, James soon forgot his worries:

Meanwhile, Jason tried in vain to be teleported back to his planet:




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8 responses to “Charlotte

  1. tupeloson

    that’s some funny shit. Son Volt, the musical….

    • andieo

      I never got into Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

      Is James Walbourne into “Annie”?

      Oh, How about “Oliver”?
      “Oliver’s” my fave!
      Can I make a request?

      • andieo

        Ya know, forgive me for being so chatty, but I’ve watched the above clip a few times in a row now and must say, I am very impressed with the booming “Broadway” style vocal.

        Not that this has been any sort of issue in terms of hazing the new guy, but just in case James Walbourne’s current bandmates seem even the least bit disapproving of his tastes, please know he is in very good company, as Mr. Gary Awesome Louris himself is ALSO a fan of showtunes!
        In fact, you can hear our collective rendition of a few partial selections from
        “Damn Yankees” below, if at all interested.

        ***Dear Gary***
        Don’t be Mad
        (all of our videos are supposed to be down. They were and they will be again. Promise!)
        It’s only Son Volt. You know those guys, right? Jay probably won’t mind.
        And Dave Bryson seems like a nice fella as per this blog, so hopefully he won’t mind either.
        Listen to the James Walbourne/Mark Spencer duet of “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang” though.
        I think you’ll dig. Very entertaining!

  2. barstowca

    Just returned home from the NC shows-Great!
    Loved hearing Hard times, James-he’s a keeper.

    Happy Birthday Dave and Andrew.

  3. barstowca


    accidents will happen…..

    (the stage seemed crowed, we thought you just couldn’t get out there with the guitar)

  4. andieo

    I just read that entry where you and this dude had a misunderstanding and you banned him from this blog.
    Feel free to ban me too.
    I won’t be offended for long and bounce back pretty easy like that.
    It’s better off that I NOT chit chat it up on a Son Volt blog as afterwall, I don’t know any of you guys from adam and being a silent participant would be just as enjoyable.
    I dig the read. I’ll continue either way.
    Keep the Showtunes and Monkees episodes coming.
    Not to mention the Rock..
    And many happy returns to all the Bday boys this month..
    See ya out on the road soon..

  5. cinmcc

    Happy bday Dave & Andrew!
    Thanks for the blogging Dave. As a fellow New Englander I appreciate the sarcasm. Safe travels to all. See you in Northampton & Burlington.


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