We all had many good things to say about last night’s show at the Variety Theater but the post-show celebration has, unfortunately, left me less than eloquent today.  Luckily, I found this review on the Jay Farrar message board that sums up my feelings:


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PostPosted: Sat Sep 12, 2009 7:38 am Post subject: Reply with quote

this show was horrible! sound was complete mud. new guitar player can’t play a solo to save his life and looks like he’s having a fit. jay looked like he could not wait to get done with the show. every song sounded exactly the same. keyboards have no place in son volt not to mention mark looking like a cheese ball sitting behind that tiny keyboard. very disappointing.

Thanks Rider!

Scott snapped some decent photos.  I guess he should have been paying more attention to the sound.




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15 responses to “Atlanta

  1. antelope850

    Nice pictures.

    But I’m not sure giving special attention to the ridiculous posts on the Jay Farrar message board is the best idea.

    Seeing you guys in DC, Philly and NYC next week. Can’t wait.

    • David Bryson

      I can’t wait to see you! Thanks for your input.

    • cjavery

      Oh. Seriously? Really? After all of that? Who believes that anyone in the band is going to put up with a guitar player that’s supposedly sub par? Or that things all sound the same? It’s going to be exceellent. If the sound isn’t perfect at a live show, does it really matter? Can’t people enjoy things the way they were meant to be enjoyed? I’m counting down the days till Milwaukee and Minneapolis, and who cares if those shows are “perfect?”

  2. gmidd

    That was a crappy post on Jay’s message board to be sure. Son Volt has always had exceptional guitarists — Dave Boquist, Brad Rice, Chris and the mirrored Les Paul (I meant to ask him about that guitar when I met him, but, as usual, I was tongue tied as oft times happens to me when meeting people I dig! Upon meeting Michael Stipe and Mike Mills once I just went into silent zombie zone… very awkward… but, I digress) having not heard James play, I would have to gather that if you boys have him in the band then he rates. Dave, I like the fact that you are so ultra critical of yourself and the band, but, personally, I have never seen a bad Son Volt show and, I know, as an artist pearls are pearls and crap is crap (well, actually, I guess it’s that way for all of us, artist or not, but I digress…) What I’m trying to say is Canyon rocked, Son Volt rocks, you, my friend, rock — So rock! Life is short, we know of no other… enjoy this freakin’ ride because one day, trust me, it will be over.

    • gmidd

      Gee, I didn’t mean to end that post on such a down note! Honestly…. it was meant to be a slap on the back and a ‘atta-boy’ kind of thing!

  3. seanmc96


    You guys were fantastic on Friday. It was hands down the best Son Volt show I’ve ever seen. I wrote a review on my music blog at if you care to read it. See you guys in Athens in November!

  4. barstowca

    The keyboards are awesome

  5. arambler8

    Having deep roots in Connecticut myself, your CT comment (“I have a very dry sense of humor. I’m from Connecticut, I can’t help it.”) really made me giggle. Keep it up, Dave. This blog ROCKS–no surprise given the band. Really looking forward to your shows this week!

  6. arambler8

    With deep roots in CT myself, I had to giggle about your comment, “I have a very dry sense of humor. I’m from Connecticut, I can’t help it.” Keep it up, Dave. This blog ROCKS–no surprise given the band. Really looking forward to your shows this week in DC, Philly, and NYC.

  7. arcticmonkeys

    Dave, Dave – just leave off with that ridiculous troll. I particularly like the idea that you don’t know what it means to be in Son Volt. He’s just looking for attention. I, for one, am really looking forward to the Paradise show next week – keyboards, guitar solos, sexy drummer and all.

    But hey, while I have you:

    What’s Jay like? Does he ever talk to you? What’s his Myers-Briggs profile? How often does he smile? Does he ever talk about Jeff Tweedy? Does he understand his legacy in American music? Will he ever play Whiskey Bottle again? C’mon Dave, what’s he *really* like?

    Sorry, couldn’t resist 😉


  8. gmidd

    I don’t know about you, Dave, but I like happy times. Let’s get back to ’em!

    And — by the way — nice job on describing Boston at this time of year. You have the soul of a poet waiting to break free.

  9. 3horses

    Wouldn’t it be nice to have that power over space and time? 🙂 You guys are still the greatest. Happy Birthday.

  10. 3horses

    Woops-added my reply to the wrong line. It should have gone under your “boring” comment. Shows how much attention I’m paying at 10:30 at night.

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