Well, it’s always a good feeling to have the first show out of the way.  No matter how much rehearsing we do, which is always very little, the first night of tour is a bit rough.  Not to mention it was James’ first live go with about 26 songs.  I think we can all agree that he did a great job.  At least he’s made some progress with this:

There’s not many more positive things to say about Nashville and I’m trying to eradicate negativity in my life so I’ll just move on. Besides feeling a bit like a pack of deer in the headlights, Jay had to deal with one audience member standing right in front of him with a video camera in his face.  I’m sure he meant well and is a big fan but it’s very distracting and really makes us wonder how much he’s enjoying the show.   There’s nothing we can do about people taking photos/videos on their photos or cameras but it would be nice if they took the photo and put it away or stood further away from the stage.   We also had some technical difficulties, namely, Mark’s amp dying.  It seems to be working today, however.  After the show we went back to the hotel and listened to bizarro New Country music being piped out in front of the lobby.



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7 responses to “Nashville

  1. nomoreparades

    I just hope you get everything right by the time you get to Milwaukee. Really looking forward to the show!

  2. arambler8

    That sucks. I have to say it’s a strange world we live in when you look around you and audience members are holding their cell phones way up in the air. I have no camera or video on my phone or elsewhere. But… is it okay if I shout “Happy Birthday Dave!” in DC on Tuesday night?

    Really looking forward to hearing “the new guy” (who’s not really new).

  3. slunky

    Hey Dave! I thought the first show last night was amazing. James’ playing was unreal and the crowd’s response reaffirmed that. Thanks for playing a HUGE set and killer encore. I’ve seen quite a few Son Volt shows and this one one was right up there as my favorite. Lots of POWER!! Regardless of some issues and the Nashville “curse”, I couldn’t have been happier. The new songs are great live and translate just as I had hoped. Good luck the rest of the tour.

  4. neisha121

    Hi Dave.

    What a great blog – very impressive set up. I hope you are well. I see James is inflicting his love of kids musicals upon you – you have my pity. I tried in vein to understand, but that was the disaster that was ‘Mary Poppins’ night…

    Lots of love & best wishes to you all,

  5. jecceh

    You wrote: “There’s nothing we can do about people taking photos/videos on their photos or cameras but it would be nice if they took the photo and put it away or stood further away from the stage.”

    I think there is something you can do about cameras. Just ask James how Chrissie Hynde handles it. Signs posted at Pretenders shows said “No cameras”. Most people respected her wishes and those who didn’t heard about it quickly from CH or security. Why not try it yourselves?

    • David Bryson

      Yep, James told me about that already and he said it only kinda worked. We’re really not that aggravated about it but thanks for the suggestion. You can’t stop cell phone photos and its really only the rare idiot who stands in front with the camera aimed 2 feet from Jay’s face and pulls it back out after being asked to stop.

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