September Morn

Somehow, it is already September and summer is almost a memory.  Here in Boston, the signs of the approaching fall are obvious.  As I look out over the Charles River from my apartment’s terrace, I notice the sun is setting ever so earlier each evening casting an autumnal light over the crew teams preparing for the Head of the Charles.  With a cool Atlantic Ocean breeze at his back, the tiny coxswain bellows the calls that keep his oarsmen synchronized.  Just a few feet ashore, geese that were babies in April no longer have the yellow/green coats of newborns.  Brown and mature, they now stop traffic and hiss at runners just like their parents.  Further inland, returning college students tan from summer vacation parade down the avenues in their UGGS and flip-flops.  Much like the geese, they tend to jaywalk.  Whilst packing my bag for tour and contemplating the marvel that is the change of seasons I realize that there is another change that I must make known.  Sadly, I’d like to announce that Chris Masterson’s tenure with Son Volt 2.0 has come to an end.  Taking his place on guitar this fall will be our good friend James Walbourne.  As many of you know, this will not be the first time that James has graced us with his presence.  Back in 2005, we played a handful of shows together around SXSW and a small European tour followed in May.  When Brad Rice left Son Volt to play with Keith Urban, James filled in for some promotional gigs prior to the release of The Search.  James has also played with Jay and Mark on some UK tours that I don’t know the specifics of since they didn’t include me.  Additionally, he’s performed with Peter Bruntnell, The Pernice Brothers, The Pogues, Bap Kennedy, and most recently with The Pretenders.  So, please welcome James Walbourne: badass guitarist, musical theater fan and lover of seafood from the Jersey Shore.

IMG_0101By the way, Andrew and I both celebrate our birthdays in September.  He’s the 16th and I’m the 15th.  Presents are expected.

UPDATE:  Mark’s birthday falls in September as well.  The 28th.   Start shopping.



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8 responses to “September Morn

  1. tupeloson

    Wow, Masterson out? That’s a shocker! Elaborate if you feel so inclined…..hope y’all have kick azz B-days. Mine is the 28th. September rocks. Looking forward to seeing the Volt in the ATL.

  2. sonvolt2

    Ha, just had mine yesterday – the 4th. Look fwd to seeing you soon at the 9:30 Club. Sorry to hear about Chris. Any simmering tension leftover from the record sessions that were earlier alluded to, or just amicable? Fans with inquiring minds….But we understand if that’s something best kept private.

  3. barstowca

    what kind of cake do you guys like?

  4. arambler8

    Cool, I’ll be able to wish both you and Andrew a happy birthday in DC and Philly respectively.

    Sorry to hear about the departure of Chris, but I am eager to hear James Walbourne play.

  5. lokeydm

    That’s a shame about Chris, that guy is a guitar wizard. He used to play in Jack Ingram’s band, that’s where I first was exposed to him. Hopefully he exited Son Volt on good terms, he was very cool to me and my wife on the handful times we crossed paths.

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