November Tour Dates

The November Midwest/South tour dates are up on the Tour Page.  There’s a lot to look forward to with stops in Lafayette, Oxford, Floore’s Country Store in Helotes, TX and a blowout show with Jason Isbell in Austin.  I’m not sure who’ll be opening the other dates.



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34 responses to “November Tour Dates

  1. barstowca

    🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. arambler8

    Hilarious video clips! Thanks for this blog. I’m so enjoying it.

  3. andieo

    Viewing some of the hijinx in this video is somewhat akin to watching a Monkees episode and PLEASE take that as the ultimate compliment as I’ve pretty much been Monkees Super fan #1 since I was old enough to change a channel (by turning the dial of course)

  4. 3horses

    Dave this blog really makes my day. Very cool! Thanks-

  5. debschmitt

    Love it!

  6. cbjackson

    Countin’ down the days to the Vic… can’t wait! This blog’s keeping me going… thanks!

  7. gmidd

    Dave, I just wanted to throw my two cents worth and say thanks for this blog. It gives us all a little insight into the band that we would not have otherwise. I really enjoy it. I suspect things are going to get a little more interesting now that the ‘repressed-db-zoo-tour’ is over. I look forward to your return to SF. Any chance I can bride you to suggest to Jay that he throw ‘Left a Slide’ into the set lists?

    • David Bryson

      Well thanks for reading. It’s been fun for me and I too suspect it’ll be getting more interesting. Change is in the air. I appreciate your offer to make me a bride but I’m already married and you’d have to come to my city of Boston where that’s legal.

      • gmidd

        LOL! Nice! How about I just hire you as a proof-reader, instead (You know, in case this drumming thing doesn’t work out!) thereby saving myself a ton of embarrassment! Goes to show you — A bad keyboard trumps college education every time!

  8. antelope850

    You’re killing us with the “change is in the air” line Dave. Everything ok?

  9. Michael

    Hilarious: Jay washing windows while the lyrics sing “Here comes success!”

    Come back to Oklahoma this fall!

  10. andieo

    “Here comes my Chinese Rug”
    Greatest line EVAH.
    I realize the “Zoo” reference was apropos as per that evenings venue.
    Iggy Pop right? Killer TUNE!!

    • andieo

      And now it’s completely suck in my head.
      No doubt will be there all day.
      No worries though, couldn’t be happier about it………….
      ♫Here Comes my Chinese rug♫
      ♫Here Comes my Chinese rug♫
      ♫Here Comes Success♫
      ♫Here Comes Success♫

  11. andieo

    And now that I’m completely obsessed with this tune, I see that Bowie co wrote it? Produced it? I don’t own this record and can’t seem to find all the details here in cyberspace.
    Alls I know is that OF COURSE my Bowie would be involved with such a GREAT freakin song! DOES NOT surprise me!!
    Oh yeah, Son Volt Rules too..Sorry..
    Bowie man! Of COURSE Bowie! Sheesh..
    **Not to leave out anyone else who was involved in this tune**
    All the other people involved in the record Rule too, K?
    Don’t be offended..Love ya..

    Ok Dave Bryson..I shan’t be bothering you again. I hope…

    ♫ Here Comes Success ♫

    • David Bryson

      Lust for Life is the album. Also, check out The Idiot for the original version of China Girl.

      • andieo

        Just head Iggy’s “China Girl”. Who Knew??
        Yeah, it’s pretty good. Not my fave Bowie, so ya know..Iggy’s is pretty good. Probably won’t be listening to it 600 times in a row, but “SUCCESS”.. now THAT one is already playing on a continual loop in my brain that kinda never shuts itself off. All it ever does is spin a new record, but never quite stops.
        Again, COULDN’T be happier about it!
        Cocaine and Ashes was there for a long time too. I’m sure it will be back.

      • andieo

        I know I’m supposed to have “moved on” from this song and the opportunity to comment on it as per your very susceptible blog, but ya know what hearing “Success” kind of lead me to in this non stop “song hopping” brain of mine?
        Do you remember Adrian Belew’s “Oh Daddy”?
        The lyrics are kinda written like a dialogue between Adrian Belew himself and his young daughter where she’s asking him when he’s going to finally “Succeed” in this big bad biz we all refer to as “music”.
        It’s a very very cute song!
        I’ve always loved it.
        With this Heavy weighted piano track in the mix (especially in the intro) which I’ve always thought gave the tune a lot of depth.
        Not sure if it would be your style or not, but check it out if you are not already familiar with it.
        I’m pretty sure the album is called “Mr. Music Head”, although I sadly don’t own it.
        May have to rectify that very soon.
        Please forgive the following if considered even the least bit inappropriate as per a private life which you may prefer to keep as just that, but I’ve read where you and your wife recently had a beautiful baby girl.
        You might want to keep “Oh Daddy” in the back of your head for when the questions start flying out of her mouth….

        But WHERE are you going all month?
        Can I COME?
        WHY NOT?
        NO FAIR!
        When am I gonna see you again?
        Will you be home for my birthday?

        Sorry, I’m still in that slightly arrested state of development brought on by my own dad’s touring and it aint so cool, I know, but I’ll take it in exchange for what he DID give me any ol’ day!
        Rock N’ Roll is a priceless gift for any little girl to receive from her dad.
        She’ll thank you one day!
        Take my word on that. I know from experience!
        Check out Adrian Belew’s “Oh Daddy” if your not familiar with it already.
        Perhaps you’ll dig it!
        Long Live Rock!

  12. 3horses

    Once I get past the first couple weeks of the semester I might do that. I realize most of your shows are in the midwest and east right now. Bummer for Reno. A parking lot party sounds pretty good right now….

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