Weekend recap

Southgate House-Newport, KY

Friday night’s show turned out to be a weird good time.  Getting back to playing a rock club with people standing, chatting, drinking, etc., was a relief and we could feel the difference in the energy level on stage.  Strength and Doubt had it’s debut and I think it went down fairly well.  We also brought back the Gob Iron hit Buzz and Grind which is always a good time.  The good times continued late into the morning and somehow I ended up at the Waffle House with most of the band.  Typically, I would have checked out at the mention of the Waffle House but for some reason I was on a path of self-destruction that began at Popeye’s earlier in the day.  It was all worth it to see Mark order 2 pork chops and substitute a hamburger for the salad.

The Vogue-Indianapolis

With Indy being less than 2 hours away from Newport we should have been able to sleep-in and relax a bit, right?  Nope, not us.  We were scheduled to record at Pop Machine studios in Indianapolis.  Since it was being filmed I’m assuming it’ll be on the internet somewhere.  Dust of Daylight, Dynamite, Down to the Wire, and When the Wheels Don’t Move were put down with relative ease and then we packed up and went to The Vogue.  We didn’t listen back to any of the takes but it’d be interesting to hear how the songs have transformed from the album.


That night’s show seemed to go pretty well but all was forgotten at  10pm when The Vogue turned into sexy-time dance party.  All of our gear and the pa had to be rapidly packed up to make room for platforms and risers for dancers.  The bathroom became a grease-ball nightmare as, not kidding, at least 30 different types of cologne were laid upon the sink along with cigars, cigarettes, breathmints, toothpicks and other necessities that a man uses to try and meet the sort of lady who enjoys going to a recently flooded, dingy rock club to take in some soft-porn projected on a screen while ladies in furry-platform heels dance on a rickety stages.  We got the hell out of there and went to Alley Cats.

Hartwood Acres, near Pittsburgh

Sunday started off bad with Scott waking Andrew and I since we’d overslept.  Pittsburgh was a solid 7 hours away and we had to be there for load-in at 3pm.  After another stop at Popeye’s, a few naps and several games of Scrabble later we arrrived at beautiful Hartwood Acres to find that our load-in time was actually 5pm.  While everyone else complained, Andrew and I felt all the guilt from this morning’s beauty sleep wash away.  If only I could say the same about the Popeye’s.  We drove away from the venue in search of gas and coffee but we found something much better:


Jay’s OP, as it’s sometimes called, was a cool respite for a bunch of grumpy men on a hot day.  Mark ordered up a round of wings and wing-dings, Andrew cued up some Zep on the jukebox in honor of our bartender Jess with the ZOSO tattoo and we drank our Yuenglings.


With smiles on our faces, we’d forgotten our troubles and headed back to the Acres.  Andrew and I played some frisbee on the lawn,


and we kinda-not-really soundchecked and prepared for the show.


Oh yeah, not only was it super hot but the sun set on the stage.


Although the set was plagued with a bunch of technical difficulties (broken strings, broken bass strap, feedback, I forgot how to play  The Picture, etc.) of which I’m sure the audience was unaware, we had a decent show in front of 5,000-6,000 people (FREE SHOW).




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8 responses to “Weekend recap

  1. megaballs1


    Your blogging just keeps getting better.


    Thanks, and my best to this awesome band.

    The album is huge and smooth, just great work by each of you.

  2. glgbill

    Thanks for blogging, Dave. Been reading since Denver and it’s great fun catching little insights into the tour. Hope it’s been a profitable one. Loved seeing you guys in CO. Cheers!

  3. debschmitt

    “Since it was being filmed I’m assuming it’ll be on the internet somewhere.”

    If you find out where it is could you post a link to it on the blog?


    • David Bryson

      Yeah. You might wanna check out the Pop Machine studios website. I haven’t been there myself but I assume they’d have some info. I’m not usually too interested in these things but if I hear something I’ll pass it along.

  4. cjavery

    yeah, Southgate and Hartwood Acres rocked….totally worth the trip from Minneapolis….excellent shows. Really outstanding, and looking forward to First Ave….and wherever else I can talk my husband into traveling to…maybe the Vic or the Milwaukee show if I am lucky.

  5. arambler8

    Yes, First Ave., says another Minneapolis fan.

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