Update: NO DRUM SOLOS at tonight’s perfomance

While the Vancouver cancellation was a bummer, we all needed some rest.  Everyone was feeling worn down following a series of early mornings and long drives.  Considering our history with border crossings (once, we had to unload the entire van for inspection when traces of an illegal substance were found on a former employee’s license and then there was the strip search going into Sweden. But more on that another time.) and dismal ticket sales at another seated performing arts center we were happy to relax in Portland on Monday.  We all slept, ate well, visited with friends, drank that good coffee and saw lots of dudes without shirts.  Oh, by the way, thanks to everyone who came to the Portland show on Sunday and stood up by the stage.  Rumor has it that the sound was super loud but we had a blast regardless.  Yesterday, we drove to Seattle to be close to the Zoo for tonight’s performance.  Andrew, Mark and I took in the latest Harry Potter movie.  Although I could have used a refresher course for some of the back story, the film wasn’t bad.

So, we should all be fresh as daisies for the Zoo show tonight.  Having played the Minneapolis Zoo a couple years back, this will be our second show among the animals.  Unlike Minneapolis, however, the Seattle Zoo has all sorts of sound restrictions including NO DRUM SOLOS.  Whatever…….

Here’s some random photos from last week:

No dancing law at Britt Pavilion in Jacksonville, OR


The Britt Pavilion was able to accommodate our new stage set.


The curtain slowly drops throughout the performance to reveal this!


See the exhaustion?


You might not be able to dance in Jacksonville, but you sure as hell can have a thumb war.




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2 responses to “Update: NO DRUM SOLOS at tonight’s perfomance

  1. arambler8

    I was at that show at the Minnesota Zoo two years ago. You rocked! Enjoy the Pacific Northwest animals. Too bad about the no drum solo rule.

    Looking forward to your return to Minneapolis in September!

  2. stillfeelgone

    Nice show at the zoo tonight, despite the noticeable lack of a drum solo. Thanks for coming to Seattle.

    And nice pick on the “favorite animal.” Not sure who called it, but whoever picked the sloth was is a genius.

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