Vancouver show not happening

But on to more important things.  It only took about 20 years but last night I was finally able to get my moves on camera.

Apparently, ticket sales for the Vancouver show have been weak and the powers that be decided it would be better to cancel.  Sorry……



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6 responses to “Vancouver show not happening

  1. burnettes

    Vancouver is SUCH a last minute town – nobody ever buys tickets in advance. We were all going to come I SWEAR! Please come visit…

  2. barstowca

    seems like you guys have a good time on the road-cool

  3. dogtowner

    Guys, that was a blast. Dave can really skate and Jay new a thing or two about Dogtown. I wrote up a story/interview capturing the conversation (as I recall it) and the tone of the night. Can I email it to you guys for review?

  4. tupeloson

    Rip it up DB 🙂 I guess I’m not the only “alt-country” dude that enjoys a skate from time to time.

  5. fivehairshigh

    The Seattle Zoo show has been sold out for weeks it should be a great show!

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