The Montalvo Arts Center is up in the hills outside of San Jose and would be a great place to have a wedding, a wine tasting, or a Shakespeare festival.  A rock show?  Not so much.



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4 responses to “Saratoga

  1. hushd

    I enjoyed my first Son Volt show in sleepy little Jacksonville. I know you guys were quieted…everyone there is. I am not sure what Govt Mule will do in September. In any case, While I am from Missouri and Uncle Tupelo was around when I was growing up, I never got the whole Wilco/Son Volt split discussion or debate. I am not even certain if these are competitive camps but I thought I sensed the undertone from folks. Well, if I were forced to compare and contrast, having seen both bands at the same venue this summer, I would and will say that I’ll take pedal steel and soulful rock and country over reverb and rock-star entitlement syndrome any day. Thank you for playing your instruments and playing them well (that includes Jay’s voice). Cowboy Junkies should probably open for SV. My only question is does that chic that was head banging, playing with her hair and shaking her ass really violently in extreme sexual innuendo come to every show you play?

  2. gmidd

    Great show at Montalvo. You guys really kicked it into overdrive for the second part of the set. Montalvo — I agree — is not a great place for a rock concert, but it made it easy to say hi to Chris and Mark when The Cowboy Junkies started their set. Jay and Dave and Andrew where nowhere to be seen. The cover of ‘I Don’t Think Hank Done It This Way’ was GREAT! I enjoyed the show.

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