Mesa, ugh….

Well, last night’s show blew.  It was not the return to rock, or country (or whatever the hell it is we play) as hoped.  We couldn’t rise above the sterile vibe and godawful sound issues.  I had my personal worst with at least five dropped sticks.  This really cost me since Jay recently implemented a $5/clam rule.  I think he’s been listening to the Buddy Rich tapes a bit too much.  If he tells me, “No more fucking beards!”, I’m walking.

Tonight is another weird one.  The venue is fully seated on the marina with a noise ordinance way below our level.



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2 responses to “Mesa, ugh….

  1. chritter

    I was at the Mesa show and, all sound issues aside, you guys sounded great. The crowd was a bit sedate but you guys played tight. Thanks for the great time.

  2. cpuglise

    I was there as well (front row) — the sound was very unfortunate, the sheer talent and passion you all bring was apparent.

    Any chance to come back and do it all (i.e. the sound) right? Would recommend the Rhythm Room or the Orpheum Theatre.

    Thanks for all the great music,

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