Mesa, Where the Arts Come Out to Fry

We drove 12 hours through the mountains, canyons, and deserts to be reunited with Jay and Mark at the Mesa Performing Arts Center.  I hate to say it but, GODDAMN! It’s hot! 112 degrees hot!  Everyone is excited to play again and get on with it.  The Performing Arts Center doesn’t really have much of a vibe but we’ll bring it anyway.  Or something.  At least Andrew was able to work on his solo bass recital that he’s been neglecting:IMG_0398


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  1. dewaynehayes

    Hey Dave, thanks for coming and playing a good show.

    I realize it’s gotta be a bummer playing to a fully-seated crowd in a sterile venue like the Arts Center. When I walked in and saw there was no standing room in front I thought, “Uh oh, this is lame.” I’m sure it’s hard to get into it when it’s a sparse crowd of nodding heads looking back at you instead of a standing room only mass of bodies. But I’m sure you probably also realize that the folks there are there because they really love the music, and appreciate getting to see you guys live.

    I remember a few years ago you played the McDowell Mtn. Music Festival here and had a slot playing at like 6:30, staring straight into the scorching setting sun. The crowd sucked at that time of day and it was hotter than Hell. However, Tucson and Flagstaff always have enthusiastic crowds for you guys – so don’t give up on Arizona.

    Bottom line – thanks for coming; thanks for playing through the sound issues; and thanks for putting some new mojo into some of the older songs – that kept it interesting. Good luck on the rest of the tour. If you schedule a show later in Arkansas, I’ll fly back to visit family and catch you guys there too!

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