Well, by now Jay and Mark have finished playing in Tucson.  It goes without saying that we wish we could have joined them.  Salt Lake City on a Sunday is not a happening place.  We stopped crying long enough to have a gluttonous meal at The Red Iguana.  Hopefully, the van will be fixed in the morning and we’ll be on our way to Phoenix.  If not, we go to plan B which is to complicated to explain.

Chris, Jason and I decided to stay up at Snowbird Mountain to pass the time yesterday.  It was a beautiful day filled with tram rides, open bar, 6-shooter Frank, Old 97’s, too much bluegrass and a festival staff that wasn’t thrilled by our continued presence.  Jeepers did we have fun.  I put together a little scrap book of the day:



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12 responses to “Stay-cation

  1. sandiaman

    We managed to make it 7 hrs from Albuquerque to see your Cowboy Junkies warm up show…Why exactly couldn’t your band rent a van and make it to the show like professionals!?

    Anyway, it was a huge letdown and I doubt we will ever travel to see Son Volt again.

    We managed to have a great time in Tucson despite your suck vortex.

  2. David Bryson

    I certainly understand your frustration and I apologize for your having made the long haul only to be disappointed. First of all, let me say that I am the drummer of Son Volt, not management, and these decisions are not in my hands. Please try not to direct your anger at me. There is nothing worse than missing a show and everyone is completely bummed as we were really looking forward to the Tucson show. We’re all trying to stay positive and enjoy ourselves somehow as it is unhealthy to fall into a suck vortex. It’s a lot more complicated than just renting a van. By the time the van trouble was sussed out it would have been too late to rent a van and make the 13 hour drive to Tucson. Also, someone would have to stay with the van in Salt Lake, meaning we would be down a guitar tech/driver or tour manager/soundman/driver and that person would then have to drive the 13 plus hours alone to catch up with the band. Also, there doesn’t seem to be a rental company that allows one way van rental so we would have to return the rental van to Salt Lake. Furthermore, the rental company doesn’t have any vans outfitted with a trailer so we would not be able to take our gear or we would have to get two vehicles which might be an option at this point. While we HATE having to miss a show (believe me, I’d rather be anywhere than a Best Western meth den in Salt Lake) at some point financial concerns have to be taken in to account and while I have no idea how any of that works I can assure you that money is being lost. Again, I apologize for your inconvenience and if you change your mind about a Son Volt show let me know and I’ll put you on the list.

  3. bloateddrunkenslob


    I was disappointed as well at not seeing the full band. Any chance you’re all going to make it to Mesa? I certainly will make the drive up from Tucson to catch another show if I know the full band will be there. Also, I read CJ’s would open and SV close and this didn’t happen. Who’s closing the Mesa show?

    • David Bryson

      We will be in Mesa. If this is not the case, I’ll let you know. Hope you make the drive. We’re really looking forward to putting this behind us and playing again. We should be headlining as well. Due to the circumstances, it seemed more appropriate to have Jay and Mark open up in Tucson.

  4. dewaynehayes

    Thanks for that response, Dave. Very nice of you to do so. Please keep us updated on the status for Mesa, as well as who’s opening and closing.


  5. finalharvest

    David, if I bitch about you not renting a van, will you come to Germany to play and put my name on the list? 🙂

    Seriously: Has tehere been any talk of Son Volt playing Germany or at least Europe (England or Scandinavia) in the next twelve months?

  6. bloateddrunkenslob

    Dave, thanks for the response. I got my ticket and am driving up.

    Mark, although I was disappointed in not seeing the full band, I still had a good time and enjoyed the show.

  7. sandiaman

    Thanks for your thoughtful and courteous reply. I was kinda drunk and agitated on Sunday Night. Anyway, sorry it was not very tactful. I’m sure you found it offensive and it was big of you rise above the situation.

    BTW, I did see Mark Spencer’s comments that were removed. All I can say is that I’m glad I did not have time to reply to that before it was removed.

    Good luck with the rest of your tour.

  8. sandiaman

    The context for “my drinking” is that it was supposed to be a special occasion and we were celebrating…thanks for implying otherwise.

  9. lokeydm

    Wow it got pretty chippy in here didn’t it? Let me just state for the record, that had I been in that situation, I may have been a little diasappointed, but I’ve seen Jay & Mark play as a duo on 3 occassions over the years, and those have been 3 of the most badass shows I’ve ever seen. Viva Blood Oranges bitches!

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