Good news

We were able to eat the Red Iguana again!  Although I had the Cochinita Pibil last night, I opted for pork again with the Carnitas.  A few of the guys had the grilled tuna tacos.  Normally, I prefer my fish tacos fried but these were extremely light and delicious.  Good thing I don’t live near this place.

Oh, Scott just sent me a text: van fixed.  Looks like we’re on our way to Mesa.  As far as I know we’re still headlining.


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One response to “Good news

  1. terimumm

    Hey Guys,

    We were happy to have you for the extra days, I wish you would have chosen us for Sunday over the meth lab! I thought it was getting better by the day… too much bluegrass for ya’ll. Sorry about friday, 1st day, new venue, new staff – things were really rough! The set was great and the audience was happy which is what really matters.

    I hope you will return and give us a chance to redeem ourselves – we will get Lucy to cater for you! I live about 1 mile from the Red Iguana – thank god for the long lines!

    Thanks again!

    Teri Mumm

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