Resort life

It’s time to pack up the white jeans and linen as our two day resort tour has come to a close.  Two nights ago we were in Aspen and last night we played at the base of Snowbird Mountain outside of Salt Lake City.  Yesterday started off a little rocky as we had to wake up at 6:30am to begin an 8 hour drive from Aspen.  I felt that the drive wasn’t long enough so I decided to lay down in the grass outside of Starbucks and allow my phone to fall out of my pocket.  When I discovered it missing a few miles down the road my bandmates graciously turned the van around and withheld all wisecracks.  Arriving at the resort starving and sick from the altitude, we were a bit lacking in grace when our hosts told us that food would not be served till right before our performance and later at 10pm.  We collectively groaned since no one likes to eat right before they play.  Sorry to the people of Snowbird Mountain if were rude.  When the food finally appeared it was my least favorite offering, wraps.  In the end, everything was fine.  I ate a lot of rosemary-mashed potatoes and drank many beers which, this being Utah, may or may not have had significant amounts of alcohol.   Oh, and the show turned out much better than expected.  Whenever we see a bunch of chairs set up in front of the stage we fear the show might be a snooze.  And in the beginning it was with only little children dancing in front next to a guy who raised his plastic cup of beer, pointed at us and shouted lyrics into the cool summer night.  Towards the end, however, the people rose to their feet and came down in front of the stage.  When you perform in a beautiful setting surrounded by mountains, babbling brooks and tan extreme sports enthusiasts, the odds are usually in your favor.  Everyone is on vacation and just wants a little entertainment and chardonnay.

A handful of shows into the tour and I think we’ll hit our stride soon.  Having so many days off in the first week has made it difficult.  Not to mention we’re playing a bunch of new tunes.  It’s too soon to tell but the co-headlining tour isn’t my favorite.  Finding your groove is much easier when you’re in the same slot every night.  There’s also all sorts of issues with making room on stage for all the damn gear.  I’d rather be opening up the whole tour.   This being the west coast, the majority of our drives are around 6 hours which means we’ll have a lot of early mornings.  If we played first we could arrive later, be done earlier and leave nothing but blood on the stage.

So, now its 13 hours to Tucson.  We’ll go about 10 hours today and stop somewhere near the Grand Canyon.  How will I survive the ride you ask?  First, we’re stopping in Salt Lake City to eat at one of the best Mexican restaurants, The Red Iguana.  I think this will be our 4th time there.  Second, I’ll be watching Steve Coogan’s fookin’ brilliant TV show, Saxondale.  I highly recommend it.  I can’t say the same for Californication.

Here’s some photos from Mark Spencer including a song request with a cherry on top:



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4 responses to “Resort life

  1. “When I discovered it missing a few miles down the road my bandmates graciously turned the van around and withheld all wisecracks.”

    I’ve noticed that wisecrackery gets saved up for later! Be on guard…..

  2. antelope850

    Can someone leave a song request (with or without cherries) at Jay’s feet that says “Jukebox of Steel … Please!!”

  3. dewaynehayes

    Welcome to Arizona guys. Stick lots of water in the van – it’s literally 4-8 degrees hotter than Hell this weekend in Phoenix. I’ll be catching you at the Mesa Arts Center on Tuesday. I’ve seen you many time in Arkansas (where I’m from) and in Arizona (where I live now) but this will definitely be the fanciest venue I’ve seen you play. It’s a beautiful facility – I only hope it’s structurally capable of withstanding actual rock music. They had a decorative panel fall off the balcony onto the crowd below at one of the first events there – and that was only a comedy show. If you play Chickamauga, you may well kill us all!

    Have a safe trip.


  4. arambler8

    How ’bout 4 cherries on top if you guys are playing “Jukebox of Steel” by the time you get to Indianapolis in August or NYC in September. Or, please, please, please, please by the time you get to Minneapolis (my home) at the end of Sept. Can’t wait to see you guys!

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