The weekend in pictures

We did our part at the Rothbury festival as I’m sure you all know from the webcast.  Let’s just say that a festival is not the best place to start a tour.  No soundcheck, truncated set, rain, new songs, stoned crew….But we love America and nothing will stop us from enjoying the 4th of July.  Here’s some photos:

GetAttachment-3.aspxPoor Rothbury, they did not expect the frenzy into which they’d be stirred by my amateur brush work.

IMG_1115.JPGJay’s hospitality rider has become a bit extravagant.

IMG_1143.JPG“Screw you guys, I’ll see you at the gig.”  Chris found his own way to Omaha.

Alright, so I didn’t take many pictures this past weekend.  Tonight we’re at the newly built Slowdown in Omaha.  As Mark said, “It feels like I’m in a rental car.  It has that smell.”  Looking forward to playing some of the tunes that we didn’t hit at Rothbury.  We haven’t played Omaha since I’ve been in the band so I have no idea what to expect.  I’ll let you know.



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2 responses to “The weekend in pictures

  1. lokeydm

    I like how Jay has a personalized place to go #1 and a place to go #2. Good for you buddy.

  2. bnbrush

    You guys were great at Rothbury. Issues notwithstanding, you sounded great and it was a great treat for me to see you live, after waiting for this opportunity since I started listening to Trace back in ’97. Hope to see you in Detroit this year. So, great, great, great.

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