And so it begins….

Everyone is in St Louis and rehearsal is underway.  We’re having a good time working out the new tunes and some old ones.  For us East coasters it’s nice to actually feel the warmth of summer.  I can’t believe we just sat outside and drank a few beers.  Andrew and Chris are pretending they’re healthy by going on morning jogs.  What is most definitely unhealthy are Mark’s continued threats to buy a pair of Crocs.  I hope he will be dissuaded after he sees all the Croc enthusiasts at Rothbury.  IMG_0188IMG_0195IMG_0194



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5 responses to “And so it begins….

  1. antelope850

    Do you guys all stay with Jay when you’re out there? Who bunks with who?

  2. gkamm

    It’ll take more than jogging to nullify the effects of pork steaks and sliders! Love the pics of the gear. The room looks well broken in.

  3. bikedawork


    Hope you dig your Vintage ride w/rivits.

    Sorry, I didn’t have time to chat.

    You sound great on the new album!!

    Drum Headquarters

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