Interview with Paste Magazine

Paste Magazine’s Jay Sweet posted a nice little interview with Jay Farrar.  Jay Sweet and I sometimes run into each other at the beautiful Singing Beach on the North Shore of Massachusetts.  It was there that Jay taught me that the fried clam originated in Essex, Ma and not Ipswich as commonly believed.

As for those tour rehearsals mentioned in the intro to the interview, I suppose sitting at home staring out the window at the rain and eating bacon for the third day in a row counts as tour preparation.



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2 responses to “Interview with Paste Magazine

  1. antelope850


    Bacon aside, do you guys meet up for rehearsals right before the tour? Have you already?


    • David Bryson

      We haven’t played together since our February tour. Rehearsal begins next Monday in St Louis. After that, we probably won’t do much rehearsing for the year as we’ll be busy touring. No one is too big on rehearsing.

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