Rainy days and Mondays

It’s raining in Boston for the 80th day in a row.  The only thing keeping my spirits up besides the plate of nachos I just prepared is the news that I’ll be home from tour in time to catch The Pretenders and Cat Power.  As I’ve mentioned here before, former Son Volt/Jay Farrar players James Walbourne and Eric Heywood are currently Pretenders.  Go see them if you get the chance as they both shred and are a joy to watch.  As a bonus, the always fun to watch and listen to Jim White plays drums for Cat Power.  

Our own Mark Spencer had the pleasure of being a Pretender for a week last fall while Eric was busy with Ray LaMontagne.  In case you were looking at the cover of American Central Dust and wondered, “Who is that headless man playing lapsteel?”, here’s your answer:


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