Son Volt on RCRD LBL

RCRD LBL, a pretty cool site for free MP3 downloads from a mixed bag of artists, has posted the first hit single from American Central Dust, “Down to the Wire”.  

Check it out:

I also recommend watching The Wire.



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3 responses to “Son Volt on RCRD LBL

  1. debschmitt

    How does the band feel about the CD being leaked? Do you think it will ultimately help or hurt sales?

    • David Bryson

      I can’t speak for the band, but it doesn’t bother me at all. It upsets me more when I see the CD selling for $18 in stores. I suppose if we were playing a big record release show with a bunch of press events it might take the wind out of our sails a bit. As for the other sales, I have no idea. I signed off on that debate awhile ago. Every band I’ve been in has made it’s money on the road. But I’m just the drummer. The songwriter, manager, and label honchos might feel different.

      • debschmitt

        Yeah, I think it is probably a good way to reach people who aren’t familiar with Son Volt and it gives fans a chance to hear it before they buy it.

        BTW, love the new CD and plan to buy it when it’s out.

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