Whiskey Bottle?

Some bands receive unmentionables while others might get a round of drinks sent to the stage.  If you’re in Son Volt, you get a cocktail napkin with a misspelled request for a song that will never be played.


While on tour last February I received another “gift” while on stage.   In Denton, TX, a large man decided he couldn’t contain himself during our blistering performance of the hit song, “Bandages and Scars”.  He jumped on his buddy’s shoulders, took off his shirt and began twirling it over his head. When I realized that he meant to throw his shirt at Jay I decided that I’d take one for the team and attracted the dude’s attention. In no time I was blinded by a sweaty XX-Large black t-shirt.  I untangled myself from the article just in time for my bandmates and several audience members to give me the “Why are you fucking up back there?” look.   Actually, that same night someone sent us 5 shots of Jameson to the stage.  This doesn’t count since they came from former Son Volt guitar player James Walbourne.  James and Eric Heywood (another former Son Volter) play in The Pretenders and happened to have the night off in Dallas so they came by to see the show.  We had a great laugh that night drinking those shots and talking about how successful they’ve become.


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