Bend to the End

Loyal readers, I apologize for the unsatisfactory updates for this past week.  Since this was our last batch of shows for the foreseeable future I decided to occupy my free time doing other stuff.  And now I’m headed out on a 6 week trip sans computer.  So, I guess this is it.  Thanks for coming to the shows, checking in here, etc.  I’ll start this back up when I have some news.  For now, Happy Holidays, Happy New Year and hope to see you later…..


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The last time I was in Eugene, OR was with my old band Canyon when we learned a painful lesson in karma.  After finishing our set at the crunchy, whole wheat crust pizza joint, our guitarist went to collect our $100 guarantee from the promoter.  This being Eugene, the promoter was quite high and said, “Uh, so what are you guys supposed to get, $200?”  “Why, yes!”  We hightailed it out of there back to Portland laughing all the way about the silly hippies only to wake up in the morning to discover that ALL our money was gone.  Somehow, the Canyon stash was left behind along the way.  That was a depressing ride back to Washington, D.C.

Well, that was 8 or so years ago and it appears that drugs are still REALLY popular in Eugene.  In fact, I believe someone offered to sell Mark some meth outside of the WOW Hall where we played.  Then we played the show.


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I don’t know how we’ll fit this in the van


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